Are We There Yet? Journaling Expo is Almost Here!

Cheering-crowdNext Sunday, January 12, the 2014 Journaling Expo will bring together a large crowd of journal writers to celebrate the practice that brings them comfort, self-knowledge, inner healing, and a host of other benefits.

Expo sponsor CreateWriteNow, founded by Mari L. McCarthy, emphasizes life transformation through journaling. Says Mari, “Journaling helps you clarify how you feel, improve communication with others, and reconnect with your true self.  It’s a celebration of who you are!”

A survey is making the rounds of people who have signed up so far for the Expo, including an opportunity to ask questions about journaling. The speakers will address those questions during the event, as well as respond to Chat Box comments and queries.

Be signed in at 1pm EST to catch Hannah Braime talking about A Friend When We Most Need It. As a warm-up to Hannah’s presentation, you might want to catch this recent blog post from her, with some great ideas for freshening up your journaling.

At 2pm, the “Dr. Phil of Journaling,” Nathan Ohren, will focus on one of the most practical reasons to journal: to help you in building and maintaining your career. Nathan emphasizes journaling for Passion, Clarity, and Purpose – and you can take a workshop with him on that subject, coming up soon.

The Expo’s final speaker is Lynda Monk, whose system of Life Source Writing™ is “a soul nourishing journey to the page.” She’ll be discussing how health and expressive writing are related in her talk, titled Reflective Journaling for Self-Care + Well-Being. Lynda also has a couple workshops coming up: get the details here.

You’ll want to stick around between speakers for both the Q&A sessions, and the door prizes. We’ll also share a link to the 2014 Expo Bonus Gifts page, with freebies from the presenters for all attendees.

Go ahead and leave a comment here, or complete the survey to ask any questions that have come up about your journaling routines. We’d be delighted to hear your journaling ideas, tips, and success stories as well!

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