What’s Journal Writing All About? Thoughts from Mari L. McCarthy

Mari L. McCarthyLast year’s first-ever Journaling Expo was a big success. Attendees at that time let us know that they’d love to participate in such an event at least once a year. So we are thrilled to return now with the 2nd Annual rendition coming up this Sunday.

I consider it my mission to bring the good news about journaling to everyone, everywhere. By organizing this Expo each year, we expose more people to more and more areas of journaling. We share ideas about how to use journaling – the ultimate personal growth tool – to continually transform your life, improve your health, and live the life of your choice. The JournalingExpo is a vital affirmation of our selves and our potential: it’s part of creating a better world!

There is one place I can go any time and get unconditional love, compassion, understanding, and acceptance. There is someone who always, always, always sees and hears me and helps and supports and guides me.  Journaling is a 24/7 come-as-you-are party where I can show up just as I am and find an intimate, loyal friend every time.

In our survey of Expo participants, we ask you to choose two topmost reasons why you journal. It’s not easy to boil things down like that, but if I had to make a selection I would say I journal for self-care / self-nurturing and to discover more about myself, to gain new insights. My journaling is all about knowing and growing myself; and the ROI is enormous!

I favor daily, pen-to-page journal writing. Journals should be hand-written in order to access most directly your inner intelligence, connecting body, mind, and soul at the cellular level. That’s how the nitty-gritty work gets done; that’s how we identify and heal childhood emotional wounds, rewire our brain’s thought process and modify our behaviors, cure our diseases, and find our way to happier and healthier lives.

The excitement is mounting this week as we look forward to Sunday. We’ll have door prizes and bonus gifts, but it’s our speakers who will absolutely wow you. I couldn’t be more pleased to be hosting Hannah Braime, Nathan Ohren, and Lynda Monk; and I know you will be as impressed as I am with their experience and teachings.

‘Til Sunday!


Still need to register for the Expo? You can join us anytime!



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Are We There Yet? Journaling Expo is Almost Here!

Cheering-crowdNext Sunday, January 12, the 2014 Journaling Expo will bring together a large crowd of journal writers to celebrate the practice that brings them comfort, self-knowledge, inner healing, and a host of other benefits.

Expo sponsor CreateWriteNow, founded by Mari L. McCarthy, emphasizes life transformation through journaling. Says Mari, “Journaling helps you clarify how you feel, improve communication with others, and reconnect with your true self.  It’s a celebration of who you are!”

A survey is making the rounds of people who have signed up so far for the Expo, including an opportunity to ask questions about journaling. The speakers will address those questions during the event, as well as respond to Chat Box comments and queries.

Be signed in at 1pm EST to catch Hannah Braime talking about A Friend When We Most Need It. As a warm-up to Hannah’s presentation, you might want to catch this recent blog post from her, with some great ideas for freshening up your journaling.

At 2pm, the “Dr. Phil of Journaling,” Nathan Ohren, will focus on one of the most practical reasons to journal: to help you in building and maintaining your career. Nathan emphasizes journaling for Passion, Clarity, and Purpose – and you can take a workshop with him on that subject, coming up soon.

The Expo’s final speaker is Lynda Monk, whose system of Life Source Writing™ is “a soul nourishing journey to the page.” She’ll be discussing how health and expressive writing are related in her talk, titled Reflective Journaling for Self-Care + Well-Being. Lynda also has a couple workshops coming up: get the details here.

You’ll want to stick around between speakers for both the Q&A sessions, and the door prizes. We’ll also share a link to the 2014 Expo Bonus Gifts page, with freebies from the presenters for all attendees.

Go ahead and leave a comment here, or complete the survey to ask any questions that have come up about your journaling routines. We’d be delighted to hear your journaling ideas, tips, and success stories as well!

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Meet Hannah Braime, Guide to Authentic Living

Hannah BraimeFrom the UK and currently residing in Jalisco, Mexico, Hannah Braime describes her life as “a quest to teach people how to be kinder to themselves.” The author of The Ultimate Guide to Journaling, Hannah will be speaking at the 2014 Expo on the topic of Overcoming Resistance to Journaling and Embracing Our Stories.

In this post, Hannah shares a bit of her personal viewpoint on our pressing questions.

When and why did you start journaling for the very first time?
I can’t remember exactly when I started journaling, but I was young—perhaps somewhere between the ages of six and nine. I seem to remember that I was given a kid’s journal as a gift (complete with a pretty cover and flimsy lock!) and started to write in it each evening. The content was mostly about what had happened that particular day, and I quickly discovered how meaningful and fulfilling it felt to be able to look back and remember conversations, events, and details that I would have forgotten otherwise. I was quite determined at the time and would try to catch up on missed days so I could record as much as possible.

What are a few items on your bucket list?
I love travelling, so many of my life list items are places to visit or live for a while. I’d love to visit every continent in the world at least once (two down, four to go!) Other items include:
– Gain fluency in another language
– Write a fiction book
– Organise and lead a group retreat
– Give a TED talk
– Start an international “Self-Kindness Day” awareness movement

What’s the worst problem in the world today, and what’s the best way we can address it?
The worst problem in the world is society’s attitude towards children. Many of us aren’t taught how to regulate our emotions, be vulnerable, or communicate properly (in fact, we’re taught the opposite). Although I love a lot of things about the world we live in, I think many of us enter our adult lives emotionally adrift and act based on fear, insecurity, and scarcity, rather than security, self-acceptance, and a feeling of wholeness. This lack of emotional education affects everyone, from average Joe on the street to the people running our countries, and it impacts how behave and the decisions we make as adults.

I think this problem can be addressed by whether or not we take the opportunity as adults to re-educate ourselves in these areas (journaling is very useful for this!) It will also change when we focus on how we’re raising our children: are we passing our defences and insecurities onto them, or are we teaching them self-acceptance and healthy communication? Ultimately, that’s what’s really going to shape the future.

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What is Journaling for Creativity?

A Guest Post by Andrew Shackcloth

SONY DSCWhat is Journaling for Creativity and who would benefit from including it in their lives?

Journaling for creativity is not a single journaling practice. It is a concept that uses a collection of many different journaling practices along with a heady mix of mindfulness, awareness, science, active use of the senses, curiosity development and constant review. All of these combine into a synergy which forms a journaling method focused on feeding and developing the creative energies and abilities of the journaler.

Individuals who may benefit from journaling for creativity are those who need to draw on their creative ability, either as part of their daily work or in order to perform a creative activity for personal reasons. When being creative, all artists draw from a personal pool of creative ideas, and as in the physical world, if a pool is being constantly drawn from, it will eventually dry up, becoming arid and empty of new ideas. Continue reading

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Register Now – Everyone!

The Supreme, Final, and Absolutely Official Sign Up Form for the 2014 Journaling Expo is now posted!

Yes, even if you registered on this site previously, as of today, December 26th, 2013, the event sign up for GoToWebinar is at last available. So be sure to click that link and officially register a.s.a.p.

And please act quickly. Our mailing list is much longer than the number of seats available for the webinar (we can only take 100). Of course, we’ll record the event and make that freely available afterwards.

But we do hope to ‘see’ you during the live presentations. Go ahead and register now, so you can be there and interact with us on January 12th.

You think New Year’s Eve is going to be a blast? Just wait til the Expo!

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Journaling through the Holidays

A Guest Post by Tina Games

How Personal Writing Can Ease Stress and Bring More Joy to the Season

christmas_by_bioclay88-d5p4k6oWhile the holiday season can be quite joyous, it can also bring up a lot of stress and overwhelm – and for some, it can stir up feelings of pain or loneliness.

According to the American Institute of Stress, more than 110 million Americans take medication for stress-related causes each week. And when the holidays come along, people already predisposed to stress can find themselves feeling blue and more anxious than usual. Even those who don’t ordinarily feel stressed under the pressure of events or deadlines, still find that the holiday season can play havoc on day-to-day routines.

So what can we do?

“Plan for stress,” say the experts – just like you plan ahead for any calamity you want to avoid. The more prepared you are for the upcoming schedule, the more relaxed you’ll feel going into it.

During the holiday season, I always think of the film, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” It seems to capture the “heaviness” that can come around this time of year, with a gentle reminder to really appreciate the smaller things in our lives. It requires a mindset shift – a change in our perspective. Continue reading

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Meet Nathan Ohren, Write4Life Coach

Nathan OhrenConcluding our series of posts spotlighting the 2014 featured Expo presenters is this delightful set of responses from Nathan Ohren, host of JournalTalk, a bi-weekly podcast featuring expert advice and inspiration on journal-writing.

Nathan will be speaking on the topic of Journaling for Business and Career Development at the 2014 Journaling Expo.

Where did I spend my childhood, and what were some happy memories growing up?
I grew up in a small suburb of Los Angeles, CA called Simi Valley. On my 3rd Christmas, I must’ve been a really good boy because Santa Claus brought me a set of TWIN SISTERS. The three of us grew up together with very little television, reading “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, and designing our very own board games from pennies and cardboard cereal boxes. I am still very close with my sisters to this day. Continue reading

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Finding Your Journaling Voice

A Guest Post by Debra DiPietro

gorbould“I don’t know what to write about… is there a voice lost-and-found box somewhere?”

People who know I have a blog and love to write have been coming to me recently with this question: “Debra, I know I want to start a blog. I want to write. I just don’t know what to write about”.

Hmmm…. My simple answer is to just write and see what comes out. This is where our journals come in very handy. In our journals, we can do just that: write. There is no need to pre-judge, edit, or have any kind of agenda. We are writing for ourselves and our desire to express ourselves.

The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium. ~ Norbet Platt

Before anybody wants to start a blog, I would recommend doing some writing in a journal first. After we begin to journal for a while, three simple truths begin to surface from the scribbling on the pages … Continue reading

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Meet Lynda Monk, MSW, RSW, CPCC

Lynda MonkThis week we feature Expo 2014 presenter, Lynda Monk. You can find official bios both on this site and on her CreativeWellnessWorks site. But for now, please enjoy Lynda’s responses to a few burning questions.

Where did you spend your childhood and what are your happiest memories of your youth?
I grew up in a rural community near London, Ontario. My favourite memories involve trips to Prince Edward Island (where my mother is from), playing in the corn field behind our home – intricate games of hide and seek amidst the tall corn at fall harvest time, playing baseball and ringette (and lots of other team sports), going to our trailer in Grand Bend at the Klondyke trailer part (where we went most week-ends every summer and where my parents still have a trailer and wonderful network of friends of more than 35 years).

When and why did you start journaling for the very first time?
I was a young girl, I have no idea why I started journaling. I recall an early journal – it was small, pink and had a lock and key. I journaled on and off through being a teenager, and have been a fairly consistent journal writer all my adult life. It is my favourite self-care and personal/spiritual growth activity. Continue reading

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How to Activate the Law of Attraction Through Journaling

A Guest Post by Michael Pearlman

Mike PedroncelliMany people use journaling as a way of releasing events of the day or working through specific issues. The concept of stream of consciousness journaling via Morning Pages was introduced by Julia Cameron in her book, The Artist’s Way. Janet Conner wrote about listening to your inner voice in her book, Writing Down Your Soul and describes this process as asking questions in writing in your journal.

I’ve been journaling for many years. When I journal, my intention is to access and tune-in to a better feeling thought. I want to walk away from a journaling session with more clarity around a specific issue and having shifted my focus from the issue that was bothering me (what I don’t want) to what I do want. And, quite possibility, I may end a journaling session with a clear idea of how to more closely align myself to the thing I do want.

Many who believe in and attempt to use the Law of Attraction are left wondering why it doesn’t work for them. Much is written about the Law of Attraction and if you have read any of this content, you’re well aware of the concepts: Focus on what you want so that your energy is vibrating at the same frequency as what you wish to attract into your life. Sounds simple enough, right? Continue reading

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