Meet Lynda Monk, MSW, RSW, CPCC

Lynda MonkThis week we feature Expo 2014 presenter, Lynda Monk. You can find official bios both on this site and on her CreativeWellnessWorks site. But for now, please enjoy Lynda’s responses to a few burning questions.

Where did you spend your childhood and what are your happiest memories of your youth?
I grew up in a rural community near London, Ontario. My favourite memories involve trips to Prince Edward Island (where my mother is from), playing in the corn field behind our home – intricate games of hide and seek amidst the tall corn at fall harvest time, playing baseball and ringette (and lots of other team sports), going to our trailer in Grand Bend at the Klondyke trailer part (where we went most week-ends every summer and where my parents still have a trailer and wonderful network of friends of more than 35 years).

When and why did you start journaling for the very first time?
I was a young girl, I have no idea why I started journaling. I recall an early journal – it was small, pink and had a lock and key. I journaled on and off through being a teenager, and have been a fairly consistent journal writer all my adult life. It is my favourite self-care and personal/spiritual growth activity.

What are a few items on your bucket list?
I try to “live” my bucket list versus “having” a bucket list. I am big believer in living in the now with an attitude that this is the first day of the rest of my life (AND we never know how many days we get). Things I want to experience before I die … walk the Camino in Spain, go to Tahiti, go for a writer’s retreat in Bali, publish a bestselling book, complete my adoption memoir, be an international leader in the journaling for health field, go as a family to Hawaii for an extended time again (minimum 3 months), etc.

What’s the worst problem in the world today, and what’s the best way we should address it?
War, child poverty, unequal distribution of the world’s resources, environmental crisis – address it with compassion, open mind, open heart and the leadership – use the resources we have to serve the greatest good.

What is the greatest accomplishment of your life so far?
Completing three university degrees, becoming a certified life coach, helping thousands of clients in my years as a helping professional, living on an island, my marriage and creating our two amazing sons.

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