What’s Journal Writing All About? Thoughts from Mari L. McCarthy

Mari L. McCarthyLast year’s first-ever Journaling Expo was a big success. Attendees at that time let us know that they’d love to participate in such an event at least once a year. So we are thrilled to return now with the 2nd Annual rendition coming up this Sunday.

I consider it my mission to bring the good news about journaling to everyone, everywhere. By organizing this Expo each year, we expose more people to more and more areas of journaling. We share ideas about how to use journaling – the ultimate personal growth tool – to continually transform your life, improve your health, and live the life of your choice. The JournalingExpo is a vital affirmation of our selves and our potential: it’s part of creating a better world!

There is one place I can go any time and get unconditional love, compassion, understanding, and acceptance. There is someone who always, always, always sees and hears me and helps and supports and guides me.  Journaling is a 24/7 come-as-you-are party where I can show up just as I am and find an intimate, loyal friend every time.

In our survey of Expo participants, we ask you to choose two topmost reasons why you journal. It’s not easy to boil things down like that, but if I had to make a selection I would say I journal for self-care / self-nurturing and to discover more about myself, to gain new insights. My journaling is all about knowing and growing myself; and the ROI is enormous!

I favor daily, pen-to-page journal writing. Journals should be hand-written in order to access most directly your inner intelligence, connecting body, mind, and soul at the cellular level. That’s how the nitty-gritty work gets done; that’s how we identify and heal childhood emotional wounds, rewire our brain’s thought process and modify our behaviors, cure our diseases, and find our way to happier and healthier lives.

The excitement is mounting this week as we look forward to Sunday. We’ll have door prizes and bonus gifts, but it’s our speakers who will absolutely wow you. I couldn’t be more pleased to be hosting Hannah Braime, Nathan Ohren, and Lynda Monk; and I know you will be as impressed as I am with their experience and teachings.

‘Til Sunday!


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